Gardening Tips for September

As autumn turns to winter, try and make the most of any dry days and rake the lawn to keep it free of leaves. A thick layer of leaves will damage a lawn and weaken the grass, and it also provides winter shelter for unwelcome garden pests.

Gardening Tips for August

Stop feeding roses now. Feeding will encourage soft growth that won’t have a chance to ripen before the winter. It will then be prone to diseases. Deadhead roses to prevent the production of seed (rose hips), which will tire out the plant.

Gardening Tips for August

If you think you would be interested in propagation, take cuttings from your favourite summer flowering plants. A lot of the material now will be semi-ripe and things like Escallonias, Cotoneasters, Berberis and other evergreens can be propagated at this time.

More Gardening Tips for April

The application of a spring type of lawn fertilizer should perk up the lawn and improve its over-all colour and appearance. If there is moss growing in the lawn, use spring lawn fertilizer that has the moss-killer included, so you can do both jobs in one easy application.

January Gardening Tips

Most plants need an annual pruning to keep them looking healthy and fertile, by just removing any dead wood and any damaged stems that are rubbing against each other will give even the most untidy shrubs a new lease of life, and if pruned in the right way, at the right time, will help to encourage side shoots, better fruiting spurs and more flowers.

December Gardening Tips

General Gardening Tips for December

When you first walk into a garden centre all the plants may look healthy and good quality, but this isn’t always the case. You may end being disappointed by the end result if you choose one that is not so healthy, you may also bring some unwanted diseases back to your other garden plants and your soil. So you need to take a few steps to help make sure the plants you buy are healthy and just right for putting in your garden.

The first thing you should do is examine the overall quality of the garden centre or nursery. Are all the plants being well cared for and healthy? Do the staff understand how to care […]